Singapore Pools – Leveraging Cloud Technology to Support Its Growth

Singapore Pools – Leveraging Cloud Technology to Support Its Growth

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SG Pools is a state-owned gambling operator based in Singapore that offers online betting services for Toto, 4D and sports games. The company has recently expanded its online offerings to include horse-racing betting. The company is also planning to launch an online lottery service. The expansion is expected to boost the company’s revenue and market share.

Currently, there are 890 active competitors in the Singapore Pools industry and Singapore Pools ranks 102nd among them. Its competitors have raised over $466M in funding across 19 funding rounds from 56 investors. Singapore Pools is a private company and does not have any institutional investors or angel investors.

In the last year, sgp pools has diversified its business with new initiatives, including its recent move to offer sports betting. The company’s goal is to be a leader in the gaming and entertainment industries, and this move will allow them to compete with bigger rivals like Ladbrokes. The company is also leveraging cloud technology to improve its operations and customer service.

Singapore Pools has been investing heavily in its IT infrastructure to support its growth. It recently migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), which provides a single platform for monitoring and managing its applications. This will enable the company to run its operations with greater visibility and automation, enabling it to quickly address any issues that may arise.

Aside from boosting efficiency, the move to OCI will also help the company reduce costs. By running its IT systems on a secure and scalable platform, Singapore Pools can scale up and down its resources as needed. This will help the company reduce outages and disruption during high demand periods. It will also minimize the need to invest in new hardware.

The company also has a number of technology partners. For instance, it uses NeverBounce to reduce the bounce rate of its email messages. The tool has a special logic that prevents Singapore Pools emails from ending up in the spam folder. This will save the company a significant amount of money and help it maintain its high standards for customer service.

In addition to this, the company has implemented a call center system that allows customers to place bets via phone. It also uses a new e-payment gateway that links to local banks. This will increase security and help the company reduce fraud. Moreover, the new system will allow customers to access their accounts on the go. This will be a great convenience for them as they will be able to make wagers from anywhere in the world. This will also help them get their winnings faster. The e-payment system will also be available in various languages. This is another important feature that will attract foreign players and help the company grow its market share in the region. This will help the company compete with its competitors, who are primarily international companies. In the long run, this will be beneficial for the company and its shareholders.