What is Student Growth Percentile (SGP)?

What is Student Growth Percentile (SGP)?

A student’s growth percentile describes how much he or she is growing over time as compared to students with similar prior test scores (their academic peers). SGP scores are reported in terms of percentages and can be easily shared with families. Using SGPs provides more information about student progress than current or absolute scores because they help identify the amount of improvement required for students to reach proficiency and beyond. Growth measures are also important because they allow for students to demonstrate progress at all performance levels, giving low-achieving students and schools evidence of achievement as well as allowing high-achieving students and schools something to strive for.

A students’s SGP score is determined by the sum of his or her growth across a series of assessments. It is a percentage of the highest possible value, which is based on the student’s prior test score and a given window (as identified by a drop-down menu in the report). It does not necessarily correspond to a school year; it can be calculated for any number of assessments within a window.

Each year, we collect data from schools to create the Student Growth Percentile (SGP) score for every student in their care. Each SGP score is then compared to the previous year’s SGP to determine the percentile increase or decrease. SGPs are reported in a range of percentiles, from 1 to 99. A score of 85 indicates a student’s growth is higher than or equal to the top 85 percent of his or her academic peers, while a score of 50 indicates that the student’s growth is lower than the bottom 50 percent of his or her academic peers.

Generally, the higher the SGP, the more likely the student is to be proficient in English language arts and math. However, a student’s SGP score does not tell the full story about his or her learning, as there is often much more to learn about a student than can be measured by one assessment.

SGPs measure the progress of students in grades K-12, as compared to their academic peers. These calculations are done using multiple assessments over a certain period of time, typically several years. The SGP is a percentage, which can be translated into a range of scales, from 1 to 100. It is often reported as a decile.

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